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GPS Systems Televisions Game Console ipod Store Zune Player Canon EOS Camera Lenses

Dhtml goodies
DHTML Goodies, An updated and extensive library of DHTML and Ajax scripts. 
DOJO toolkit
Dojo is an Open Source DHTML toolkit written in JavaScript. 

SyntaxHighlighter is here to help a developer/coder to post code snippets online 
Drag & Drop for Images and Layers
A Cross-browser JavaScript DHTML Library which adds Drag Drop functionality 

Ajax Activity Indicators
Helps in letting your user know that stuff is actually happening while the server crunches. 
The X Library X
is a collection of loosely-bound, cross-browser, Javascript functions and objects. 

DZone Snippets
Build up your personal collection of code snippets, categorize them with tags / keyword 
ASP.NET AJAX in Action
See how easy it is to build from scratch a ?To Do List? 

Bajax its a very small and simple javascript library to use Ajax on your pages. 
AHAH: Asychronous HTML and HTTP
AHAH is a very simple technique for dynamically updating web pages using JavaScript 

Tools for ajax developers
AjaxRequest is a layer over the XMLHttpRequest functionality for developers. 
Article on Forms
Know how to enable your forms more usable and accessible 

AJAX auto-complete text field
It adds a pop down menu of suggested values to a text field. 
Styling form fields
- For complete, good looking and informative forms 

Form Help without Popups
Here is scripting technique - You need not open new window 
CSS Style Web Forms
You can change default look of the form by styling their HTML tags. 

Free Form for All
- These Scripts were passable in all types of forms 
Accessible CSS Forms
- Here you can use CSS to Create a Two-Column Layout 

CSS Forms
- It works in Win/IE6, Firefox v1.0+, Win/Opera v8.0 
Trimming form fields
Here is a clever use of Javascript, the DOM and CSS 

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