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GPS Systems Televisions Game Console ipod Store Zune Player Canon EOS Camera Lenses

fValidate v5.00b
fValidate is a javascript-based form validation tool for HTML forms. 
the Ajax Engine
A AJAX Framework using the standard webservice protocols SOAP and WSDL. 

Sliding, Collapsible DIV
One Click Toggle for Sliding, Animated DIV Demo. Very interesting! 
Nomadic functions
Nomadic functions are small, optimized, and fairly specific.They are like widgets. 

iFishEye is an open source javascript tool for creating a fisheye lens effect. 
Easy to use, well featured animation class with the smallest file size possible. 

Autoscroll - JQuery
Here's a small jQuery plugin that allows for hotspot scrolling of web pages. 
Sliding Box
Unobtrusive and persistant scriptaculous effects, with a nice sliding box demo. 

Gaia Ajax Widgets Vista Skin
Another nice example of how easy it is to create skins. Great transparency effect. 
Gaia Calendar Web App
Ajax calendar widget for 2.0 by Gaia. Gaia features a lot of ajax widgets. 

Drag and Drop shopping Cart
yet another classic. The cart features drag/drop functionality. 
Tab Menu
An easy to use Tab Menu for your own Projects and Websites. 

ActiveWidget Ajax Grid
A powerful javascript component library that makes app development more productive 
JQuery Portlets
The portlets feature drag/drop, expand, collapse and many more features! 

Ajax Captcha
Simple and Clean ajax enabled captcha control with demo and source code. 
JavaScript form input mask
Unobtrusive JavaScript to implement "input masks." No validation though. 

Tabs - jQuery plugin
Create JavaScript tabs by assembling HTML with just one line of JS code. 
A simple tab that supports multiple tabsets & allows users to bookmark page. 

Really easy field validation with Prototype
- Just U need to "Create your form ", no extra work 
Drag and Drop Accordion
It allows the potential users to get the feel-and-touch of the user interface. 

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