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GPS Systems Televisions Game Console ipod Store Zune Player Canon EOS Camera Lenses

Pager -JQuery Plugin
Pager is a plugin that adds paging feature to your website using JQuery. 
Ajax RSS News Ticker
A very simple RSS News ticker implemented using Asynchronous Javascript and XML. 

Meet Transcorners - the guys who will round your corners on mootools. 
Free Ajax Activity Indicators
Use these free GIF spinning wait icons to indicate a process may take a while. 

JQuick for JQuery
A quick tag creator for jQuery, to manage the DOM elements. 
Dynamic Ajax Tabs in 20 Lines
Here's a demo, which requires only 17 lines of code thanks to Prototype. 

Spotlight Like Search
Spotlight-Like Search As You Type With CSS, AJAX & JAVASCRIPT. 
Sweet Titles
This is a YUI style of Sweet Titles which has more flexibility in customization. 

One More Lightbox
This script features a very simple but beautiful showcase of images. 
Resizeable Reloaded
Resizable Reloaded - A reusable component for resizing elements. 

Custom Events and Animation
Custom Events & Animation using YAHOO.util.CustomEvent 
Drag and Drop Custom Events
The instance of the box being dragged has an onDragging and an onComplete event. 

jQuery Flash Plugin
Specify what you need, and nothing more sensible defaults take care of the rest. 
wForms - A JS extension to web forms
A JS library that adds commonly needed behaviors to traditional web forms. 

tEditable : In place editing for tables
A jQuery plugin that allows cells in a table to be edited and posted to a server. 
Gaia Ajax Widgets
No need to use JavaScript, everything is normal HTML and you already know. 

jEditor - Inplace Editor JQuery Plugin
JavaScript code to click and edit the content of different xhtml elements. 
Featured Content Slider
Users can manually select a content to see or have them rotated automatically. 

Unobtrusive Table Sort Script
Featuring Custom Table Sort, Pagination,dynamic tables and more. 
Ajax RSS Ticker
Powerful RSS ticker to easily display any RSS content in a ticker fashion! 

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