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GPS Systems Televisions Game Console ipod Store Zune Player Canon EOS Camera Lenses

Form validation with Spry
Very simple and clean form validation using the adobe spry framework. 
tablesorter 2.0
Allows sorting multiple columns by pressing shift key and the "headers". 

googleMap: jQuery plugin
This plugins makes it easy to put a Google Map on your page. 
Allows you to turn any textarea tag into a quick tag editor in an inobtrusive manner. 

jQuery : Forms plugin
It allows you to easily and unobtrusively upgrade HTML forms to use AJAX. 
Exploring Opacity in css
Cross browser CSS tips and tricks to create opacity color effects. 

Time entry - jQuery plugin
A jQuery plugin that sets an input field up to accept a time value. 
A jQuery plugin that provides a UI for a user to define and set a time on a form. 

Display data updates in real-time
An ASP.NET AJAX implementation of real-time spy feature. 
Rails upload progress bar
Show a progress bar update during file uploads with Rails. 

qooxdoo - Ajax Framework
The most comprehensive and innovative Open Source multipurpose AJAX frameworks. 
Chronoscope - Interactive chart
Interactive charts anywhere with Google Web Toolkit! 

Hacking digg with JQuery and Firebug
To build a reusable bookmarklet that can manipulate Digg Posts and Comments 
Prototip - Tooltips for prototype
Create both simple and complex tooltips using the Prototype and Scriptaculous. 

A ContextMenu to Close a Tab
Using a Context Menu to Close a Tab, created using the YUI Library. 
Sortable Nested List widget
Just drag any of the list items below and when you drop them, it will resort. 

YUI : DHTML Form Controls DHTML
Form Controls built with the Yahoo User Interface Libary. 
YUI: Effects Widgets 0.8
Mimic & improve upon the Combination Effects in using YUI. 

jQuery Accessibility Plugin
Very useful plugin that helps developers to include accessibility functionalities. 
jQuery - Horizontal Accordion
Simple way to accomplish blade interface on xbox 360 with javascript and css. 

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